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How to find clients online with no money – Lead Generation in Zambia on a budget

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Rule of Thumb: If you don’t have money, you’re gonna need time. And that’s what you’ll notice about each of these methods shown below. The good news though is that you can always give these tasks to someone else on your team ;). After all, anyone can do what I will be showing you, but that can’t be said about other aspects of your business.

The first thing you need to do, and this is an absolute must, is create a client avatar. Who is your ideal customer?

You can use a free tool like this one: Hubspot Avatar

That will take you about 3 -15 minutes depending on how well you know your target client.

But in addition you will also need to answer questions like:

  • Who do they currently go to for the product/service I’m offering
  • Where are they found on the internet (what pages do they like, which groups are they part of?)

Why is this so important? This will save you so much time further along in the process as you will later see.

Method 1 – Cold Emails

What’s unique here is that you will be using Facebook. So open up Facebook in your browser and type in a keyword or a keyword phrase. For example ‘Restaurants’ or ‘Restaurants Lusaka’. Make sure you add a location to your search query to only get results relevant to your city or country. For example if you’re a company that sells to pharmacies in Kitwe, I would recommend searching something like ‘Pharmacy Kitwe’. To narrow the results even further, click the ‘pages’ tab.

Now one at a time, you want to open each page in a new tab. Get the email address and name of the business owner/manager.

I will do a post where I share all the best free tools to use for you cold email campaigns in the future, but for now I’ll simply explain how it works.

For those of us who don’t know, a ‘cold email’ is simply an email intended to create business with someone who has no idea who you are prior to that email.

It all starts with lead generation.

* Lead Generation Definition: The process of acquiring contact information along with other details about a potential client for the purpose of contacting them in future with such business in mind.



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