Does your business need a Website?

The Backstory

If you come across a list of Zambian businesses you’ll normally find that half of them don’t have websites. And then, you’ll also find that even those that do have websites listed don’t actually have a website that works anymore. If you were to guess the reason for this, what would it be? Many people would say something along the lines of ‘a website is expensive’. The first website I did for a client is no longer online today. but not for the reason above. Today, I will help you decide if your company should pay for a website and if not, what you should do instead. I will also share the real reason why many companies in Zambia don’t have working websites anymore.


Here in Zambia, traffic is a bad thing altogether. But in this post  I want to talk about a good kind of traffic, website traffic. If you asked a company or freelancer to create a website for you today, and tomorrow you put an offer on that website that is simply too good to refuse, what would happen?

Let’s take for example this offer:

“All our services and products delivered to your door, 100% Free, Call 095 … “

You know what would happen? Nothing! Oh wait, maybe the developer and his friends take up the offer :). By now, you’ve picked up on what I’m trying to say. No matter how good your consultancy is,, no matter how good your products or services are, if you don’t get them in front of the right people, you’re doomed to fail.

Your website should make you money, otherwise it’s expensive, regardless of how much you paid. Your website won’t do this automatically, that’s where your marketing plan comes in. When you work with professionals, they translate that plan into a web presence strategy.

Who should I Hire?

The short answer: A software developer or company that can explain how they plan to help you.

  1. Pick a few local companies that ‘look good’
  2. Contact them all: explain what your specific goals are. And at the end, ask them the big question, ‘how are you going to help me reach my goals?’
  3. Pick the one(s) that know what they’re doing. Ask about the price, and make a decision.

Since you’re already here, and I am too (obviously), let’s talk about your business goals.

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What you should do instead

Use Facebook. This one doesn’t need any explanation.

Use Professional Emails. Instead of running with use something like

TL; DR (Too long; didn’t read)

Welcome, we’ve been expecting you 😉 .

  • A website is an investment that can easily go wrong. Cost doesn’t always match quality.
  • Before you can even think about getting a website, you need at least a basic marketing plan.
  • If you decide you need website. You need a plan on how to drive traffic or get many people there (the right ones).
  • Give them a reason to stay and come back. Magic Pill: Offer value, give them valuable advice, free tools
  • Hiring: Pick someone who understands what your goals for your website are and who can explain how they plan to help you achieve them.
  • Don’t need a website: Use Facebook to run your business, make sure your page is complete and up to date, use quality photos please!!,  but also get professional emails
  • The most expensive type of website is a bad website. A bad website is one that doesn’t earn you money. If you can’t get a website, don’t get one at all!

By Mwale Kalenga

I’m Mwale, a passionate Blogger, Digital Marketer, and Website Consultant. At the moment I’m using a decade's worth of experience making websites, my Bachelors in Business Administration, and various Hubspot certifications to make great content easily accessible to more people.