The Challenge

It’s hard enough to create a professional and convient design for a learning institution, it’s even harder when you have to make it fit in one page. was meant to be very effecient not only when it comes to speed, but also when it comes to use of space. This wasn’t very easy.

The Solution

Dividing the content into multiple columns as well as making columns that have less height created the space needed to develop our desired website.

I made it Fit!

I Rethought Everything

Seconds to load


Image compression

Premium Softwares

Day Turnaround

Faster than 63% of other websites tested on Pingdom

Mobile Ready

Letting users access their favorite sites on the go is a must everytime I do a website, was no exception.

Multiple Uptime Monitoring

Although hosting with me ensures you 99.9% uptime, is regularly checked and therefore the admin knows if it’s down for even a few seconds.

Extensive Backup

Usually, all you need is one reliable backup system. has two, both include a comprehensive database and file backup.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights 91%
  • Minified File Savings 21%
  • Performance Grade 91%
  • Hummingbird score 91%

The Results Were Amazing is certainly one of the best learning institution website I’ve seen around. The design is modern and yet true to traditional university design style.

FAST + Secure

No Bugs, No worries

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