Professional Databoy

The Challenge

I had never taken on such a large project before. From the get go I knew that Professional Datboy would take up a lot of my money, time and energy. Sites of this size are usually built by experienced teams, working alone this was nearly mission impossible.

The Solution

Realizing that this project would give me more than it could ever take made success possible. Working on Professional Databoy has given me the skills and experience I need to build complex websites.

Built for communication

A Complete Web App


Unique Edge


Responsive Design

Design Concepts


As UserFriendly as can be

Support System

Professional Databoy has a state of the art support system to help students get any issues and bugs sorted out quickly.

Built for Slow Internet

By keeping heavy scripts abscent or in the bottom of the page, we ensured Databoy was as fast as can be!


Extensively tested

I tested Databoy until I got tired (several months). In fact, I still regurlarly check different areas to make sure they’re working right.


Students can access PD on the web, android or IOS. Amazing right? Now students can benefit from good service delivery on the go!

  • Uptime 98%
  • Website Traffic 50%
  • Conversion Rate 75%
  • Responsive Design 99%

Designed to save users Time

Built by a Student for a Student. Creating solutions to problems is not as hard as creating the best solution. By working hard to understand the problems faced by fellow students I rethought my whole approach to the project. This helped me create what I feel is the best solution to a challenge faced by many students – time constraints

Improving Academic Life

Helping students do more

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