Younique Designs

The Challenge

I was presented with the task of developing a website that was original yet similar in many respects to a popular world-class interior design website. Not only that, but I had to ensure that the website was still true to character of it’s owner.

The Solution

Letting my instincts take the helm proved extremely helpful, I didn’t do much thinking, I immediately got to building. Though thid meant I had to spend more time proofing the website after I was done, I must say I think I must say, the results were worth it.

Simple and Free Flowing

Design insticts took the helm.

Seconds to load


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Beautiful Landing Page


Details on Details

No energy was spared when it came to the finishings of this Younique website. Every detail had to be as ‘You-centric’ as possible


Portfolio Grid

Sorry but beautiful work deserves to be seen not tucked away in some little corner. I do this for many of the sites I build, including this one.

Responsive Slider

A great way to showcase what Younique Designs is all about without leaving anything out. The slider looks beautiful on small screens as well!

  • PageSpeed Score 79%
  • Website Traffic 50%
  • Yslow Score 73%
  • Optimize Images 89%

Clean Design

The result is not only clean, it is very light weight and modern. It provides a nice platform to showcase design work. Also, putting featured blog posts on the front page increased the chances of getting more readers.

Useful Content First

I brought the Blog Home

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