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Website Consultant

Mwale Kalenga Potrait

I was bored, so I made this website. You must be bored too, welcome!

Technically I'm a Business Economist, but I spend most of my days working on websites and learning how to promote them. I've been at it for over 10 years and WordPress is my forte.

“When I’m not working, you can find me watching videos on YouTube, writing code (still) and eating, among other things.”

Creative Solutions

Making A Meaningful Difference

Keynotes & Talks

Oh goodie, something's brewing, something big (or small)! Wanna chat about WordPress development, inbound marketing or something along those lines? Then drop me a line, don't be shy!

Simple Plugins

A few custom plugins I coded to help me easily customize my sites and make sure they're working as expected. All of which are just a few lines of code, very lightweight and free. All of your favorite things.

Business Coaching

Not really freelancing these days, but still, if you want to know something about using WordPress in your business, then why not get the opinion of someone who works with it every day of the week.

Quick Fixes

Oxygen builder header missing and footer disappeared

So you’re using Oxygen builder but can’t find your header and footer anywhere? Here’s what to do. This problem occurred when I migrated a site …

Quick Fixes

Post-processing of the image failed likely because the server is busy

Having trouble uploading an image? Try with a different, smaller-sized file. If that didn’t work, then you should probably Google the issue some more. If …

Local Development

WordPress redirects to Xampp dashboard except homepage

Is WordPress redirecting all pages except the homepage to the Xampp dashboard? You’ve come to the right place. I spent so much time looking at …

Here's where I'd offer to sell you something

And fortunately, I don't like to disappoint. I am not selling anything RN, but if you leave me your email address I promise to sell you something cool in the future (No, I will never sell your email).